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DIY Beauty Gifts for the Holidays

Buying gifts for people isn't always the easiest thing to do. Sometimes, its better making something special for your friends and family.

Usually this time of year people are getting gifts that help them de-stress and relax such as bath bombs, candles, and other beauty products. Well- since ditching and switching this year has been a bit different when it comes to those products. Here are a few of my go to de-stressing gifts for the holidays that are affordable, easy, and something people will love.


Bath Salts

What you will need:

- 1 mason jar (any size you prefer)

- Fragrance free epsom salt (I grab the gallon size to make gifts and keep for myself!)

- Couple of your favorite essential oils - Sign up here for a starter kit!

- Some dried flowers (optional)

- Small scooper (optional)

1. Fill your mason jar with epsom salt (almost full but leave some room to shake to mix).

2. Then add your essential oils. For a 6-10oz jar I would add 3-5 drops and give it a mix and see how strong it is. 3. Then add your dried flowers give it a good shake to mix it up and tie a little scooper to it and viola! A chemical free, homemade gift!

Below are links for everything you will need


Glow Moisturizer

What you will need:

- Essential Oils (I personally use Frankincense and Lavender) Frankincense and Lavender come in your starter kit- grab it here

- Glass dropper bottles

- Favorite carrier oil (I use jojoba oil for my face since it does not clog my pores)

- Label Maker

  1. Add around 10-15 drops of your favorite essential oils.

  2. Fill rest with carrier oil

Below are links for everything you will need



What you will need:

- Favorite blend or different essential oils. I used Valor and Citrus Fresh which come in your starter kit!

- Glass perfume bottle

- Vodka (enough to fill up your bottle)

  1. Mix your essential oils or use your favorite blend. For one 100ml bottle use around 50 drops OR adjust to bottle size. The 15ml bottles are great to keep in your bag!

  2. Fill the rest of the bottle with vodka

Give it a good shake and let it sit for about a month and let it sit with the alcohol.

Below are links for everything you will need


These are just a few items of DIY beauty gifts you can give for the holidays. You can also check out a previous post on making rollers to add in the mix!

Don't forget the fun labels & a few items for you! Happy Holidays!


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