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DIY Mermaid Hair Spray

Finding products for your hair can be overwhelming with all the options out there- especially with how pricy they are. After making the switch to using natural products and essential oils I wanted to option to make my own products. #knowwhatsinyourproducts

One thing I love about this recipe is all these oils are great for other uses. Lavender is a staple of mine for almost everything! Sleep support, beauty, burns, calming, etc. Cedarwood is also great for sleep support, healthy hair, and is a natural deoderizer. Rosemary is great for energy and clarity, its also used in bye bye bug spray since it keeps away pests. Here is a quick, easy spray for everyone- mermaid or merman!

Here is what your will need:

• 10 drops of Rosemary • 10 drops Lavender

• 10 drops Cedarwood

• 1 ounce witch hazel

• Water

• 4-ounce glass spray bottle

Mix essential oils and witch hazel together in an empty glass spray bottle. Fill the rest of the bottle with water. Shake before use; then lightly spray on wet or dry hair. I personally use 5-10 sprays in the AM and a few sprays right before bed so the oils can work their magic. I personally have curly, frizzy, & thick hair. Using this spray I've noticed a difference with frizz, my curls being more defined, and improved hair growth.

Why these oils?

Lavender- adds shine and help control dandruff (comes in your starter kit)

Cedarwood- supports hair strength

Rosemary- balanced scalp pores & balances hair oils

Witch hazel- helps tame frizzing hair All items are linked below to get started!

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