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Holiday Orange Garland

Orange garland is an easy, cheap, fun and festive way to add to your holiday decor. Not only does it look beautiful, it makes your house smell AHH-MAZZ-ING!

What you will need:

A bag of oranges, Parchment paper, Baking sheets, String & Cinnamon (optional).

I tried to keep the slices a little bit more thin so it takes less time for them to dry out. Once sliced, I took a paper towel and just dabbed them to dry out just a pinch. Place them on the baking sheets and then cook for 2.5 hours.

Every 30-40 minutes I rotated the baking sheets so they dried evenly.

* Just be sure to keep checking on them, the thinner the slice the quicker they dry and burn!

Once cooked, let them sit for a few hours (they might be a bit sticky so you can always let them sit overnight).


Happy Holidays!


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