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Holiday Shopping for 2020

2020 has been an interesting one, to say the least. This year I've been seeing people get more and more festive and want to help local business. One of the business that stood out to me was a place called Made In Washington, located in Seattle, WA.

I was lucky enough to live in Seattle, WA and found this lovely gem at the Westlake Center and the famous Pike Place Market. Everything in this store ... made in Washington! It is a wonderful store that supports local artists and vendors. They also sell the famous SeaBear Smoked Salmon.

Made In Washington offers a great deal on shipping. Whether you are visiting on vacation and need to send your goodies home, or shop online from across the country (like me). They ship your order for $4.99! YES... $4.99 Less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks! They ship site wide in the continental US! Pick as many items and still $4.99 (+ tax).

Grab some famous Market Spice Tea, Take a free picture with Sammy the Salmon - a real wild Alaskan King salmon (who is very heavy I might add!), or grab a gift basket- pre-made or choose the items yourself!

You can check on their website or pick items in one of their locations. They have really great gift baskets as well if you just can't choose. Usually the gift baskets are top picks from the stores and the most iconic items from Seattle. Check them out here.

Another amazing thing about this store is new items are always being adding to the unique collections.

The Pacific North West is known for glass blowing. No, I didn't know that either until I moved there and saw glass blowing studios, Chihuly museums, and other beautiful pieces at local stores. At Made In Washington the glass really grabs peoples attention walking by the store. Hanging from the ceiling or standing 6ft tall in a display right when you walk into or by the stores. Colorful, shimmery, different textures, it is amazing and you can buy all of them! You can purchase garden art from Jesse Kelly or Mariusz Rynkiewicz and get it sent to your front door! Or grab a silly bird or a custom pumpkin during fall from Zeus, Christmas trees from Ebba, and/or an ornament with ash in it from Mount St. Helens when erupted in 1980 from Glass Eye Studio. Everything is beautiful, is affordable (unlike any Chihuly pieces!) and is a great addition to a garden, bookshelf, or giving as a gift for someone special.

Glass Eye Studios Mushrooms and Lilies & garden glass from Mariusz Rynkiewicz (that I purchased for my Dad and sent to Long Island, NY from WA- yes it arrived in one piece) and some beautiful garden glass made by Jesse Kelly

So, you are reading shipping + glass... eh not a great combination. Nope, wrong. The Made In Washington stores have a specific way to ship glass since it is one of their special items. Yes, even garden art that stands over 6ft tall. Opening large garden glass from MIW that came from Washington State all the way to New Jersey... you think OK, I hope its not broken! But you open it up and see how crafty they are making sure that the newest addition to your collection stays in tact.

*claps for Made In Washington*

So, since the Holidays are a little different this year support the local artists, even if its not from your hometown. There is so much to choose from that you will be going back for more! When you are in Seattle, be sure to go to one of the stores yourself to see everything that is not sold online.

Here are some of my favorites:

Click any item for price, ingredients, etc.

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