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New Year, New Me.

2020 hasn't been the easiest year (for anyone) and we are all excited to see it go and welcome a new year. Start fresh. Move forward. Be healthy. Be happy. These are just some goals that we all have moving into the new year.

For me, focusing on a clean and healthy lifestyle is one of my number one things I plan to continue to focus on. Even though things will not magically go back to "normal" for the start of the new year, but It gives us time to stop and smell the roses for a minute and focus on us. That is what 2020 did for me and I am excited to continue that journey.

In 2020 I purchased my first started kit, for mainly one reason- to ditch the candles. I was obsessed with making sure my apartment smelled good at all times and running out of candles was not an option. After seeing posts about chemicals and products that were toxic to us, i did more research and made the plunge.

I didn't really know where to start when I got my kit because there were so many oils i never used or heard of. Candles just come as they are- you sniff and buy. Easy. It took some time and more research to see what benefits each oil had (as well as their smell and which ones i liked and didn't like).

After months of experimenting, I continued down the oily path and discovered a whole new universe of healthy living. Using oils not just for scent, but for headaches, dry skin, moisturizer, allergy relief, sleep support, anxiety helping... the list goes on. Oils literally changed my life and the starter kit was only the beginning.

At first, to me it seemed like people were just trying to "sell" me products like Instagram influencers, but truly realized there is so much more to it than just a product.

I am proud to say that I have ditched ALL of the chemical cleaning supplies from my house and use a plant based, chemical free product called Thieves. *This was not done overnight* This was about a year of research and slowly switching individual products one by one. Not only does Thieves smell like Christmas, but I can use it on everything in my house. Yes, everything. Toilets, sinks, floors (wood, tile, carpets) countertops, IN MY PLANTS, yeah.. again... the list goes on! You can grab a starter kit just for Thieves cleaning supplies here.

I ditched all beauty products that had chemicals and fragrances in them. Even bottles of perfume that were over $100. This was hard but in the long run its worth it.

Long story short- my goal is to continue a healthy lifestyle and continuing to grow my knowledge of what is being put into my body and products that can help me. Grab your starter kit here & change your life! Happy 2021!


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