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Essential Oil Rollers

Rollers are a great way to keep your oils with you at all times as well as an easy way to mix your favorites together.

The first roller I made was for sleep support. I was pretty new to oils and heard that not only diffusing at night, but applying before bed will help you sleep. So, I did my research and made my first "Sleep Roller". I added 15 drops Lavender and 10 drops Frankincense and topped it off with jojoba oil (my favorite carrier oil).

I apply this Sleep Roller under my belly button, on my chest, and behind my ears/neck at night. The lavender has a calming and relaxing smell while the frankincense alleviates stress while grounds me. It has other wonderful benefits for your body and is the KING of Oils in my opinion.

Above, I've added my Roller Blends card for print outs so everyone can try! And, all these oils come in your Starter Kit. Grab yours here! Grabbing your Starter Kit now is also a great way to start winter wellness and gives you an opportunity to test out what you like. If you are not loving an oil that comes in your Starter Kit- keep it! Put that baby back on the shelf and wait three months and smell it again! I personally did NOT like Thieves OR Peace & Calming ((WHAAAAAAATTTTT!!!)) I know- i know. But as I used the oils more and more, I now love both.

Diffusing oils is magical, but when you can take it with you in your purse, keep it on your desk at work, or have another healthy alternative for something - make a roller. Below, I've listed a few items to get your started!

Rollers also make a great gift during this holiday season. A lot of people are spending a lot of time at home these days, so natural wellness is a plus in my book.

And remember...

"There is a roller for that"

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