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Why I Ditched Candles & Switched to Essential Oils

I've been buying scented candles for years. Everywhere I went that I saw candles I had to go smell and see how much they were. Running out, was just Not an option. Like everyone, they want their house or apartment to smell good and also have that hygge cozy feel.

I'm all about the coziness and ambiance of where I live. I used to love getting new candles for every season. Each season I would stock up on all the goods.

This time normally I would be stocking up on all the delicious smelling seasonal scents: Apple Cinnamon, Pumpkin Spice, Apple Cider Donut...All of them! Normally, sales would be booming so two of each was an easy sell. After a week, a large jar would be gone.

Even though my apartment always smelled cozy and delicious I started being more aware of how much I had to stock up, how much I was spending, and well... what actually IN the candles that I was burning constantly in my home.

Candles Are Toxic?

Studies have shown that lighting just one candle fills the air with more microparticles than traffic in a busy street.” -Meik Wiking The Little Book of Hygge

After doing some research on just some basic home products I started realizing that 99% of the stuff I was buying was filled with chemicals and other ingredients that I couldn't even pronounce. Reading more into the scented products that I loved, I learned that these scented products such as candles can cause health issues. Headaches, hormones imbalances, reproductive issues, irritate allergies, etc. The list is pretty long of what fragrance can do to your bodies, which is pretty overwhelming to hear and learn when you have loved them your entire life. Just be on the lookout for the word fragrance.

Fragrance is a cover up for all the extra chemicals that is put into candles, yes even the good brands like Yankee Candle, Bath & Body Works, Anthropologie, etc. Fragrance is usually found in not just candles though! Skin care, hair care, deodorants, lotions, cleaning products, perfume, makeup, sunscreen, laundry products and air fresheners.

Reading small facts like the one above got me thinking of how much I was inhaling in my little apartments over the years and made me start more research to get that hygge vibe but still get to keep amazing smells of each season and a fresh apartment.

Replace your favorite candles and sprays with essential oils that have benefits for your body! Diffusing pure essential oils will let you enjoy the delicious calming smells with no harm.

When I decided to throw out all my candles it was a sad day, but I also ordered my first starter kit and got the Aria diffuser. You can order your starter kit here & pick your diffuser!

When I first ordered my starter kit my oils lasted me over a month even with the 5ml bottles. It gave me a chance to test them out slowly and see what blends I liked. Signing up and becoming a member also allows you to get 24% off retail pricing and allows you to sign up for Essential Rewards.

Please keep in mind the brands you purchase when switching to essential oils. They are not all the same or equal value. Do your research and make sure they do not have any filler of fragrance added to them. That is why I personally use Young Living products. They are the highest quality products due to the Seed to Seal standard. Click here to read more into Young Living Products.

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